Course curriculum

    1. How Bookkeepers' can use Club House with Lynsey Treharne

    2. How bookkeepers' can offer bookkeeping services - one to many

    3. How bookkeepers' can use FB to grow their business

    4. How Bookkeepers' are using Instagram

    5. How bookkeepers' can start their own podcast

    6. How Bookkeepers' can use Social Media with The Profitable Firm

    7. How rebranding boosted my business with Krishna Patel

    8. How to overcome self doubt and enjoy your business

    9. How bookkeepers' can use LinkedIn with Ashley Leeds

    10. How I launched my bookkeeping practice with Nicola Fallon

    11. What's new on LinkedIn with Helen Pritchard

    12. Creating Social Media content with confidence with Janet Murray

    13. Inside our businesses with Dave Shannon & Craig Moore

    14. How I built my successful practice in less than a year with Karen Kennedy

    15. Get noticed with an Atomic marketing strategy with Andrew & Pete

    16. What I'm doing on Instagram right now with Zoe Whitman

    17. Bookkeepers' Bootcamp _ Jo & Zoe_ Welcome - Mindset and Prizes

    18. Bookkeepers' Bootcamp - Jo & Zoe_ Your audience & your pillar platform

    19. Action you can take on social media today with Jo & Zoe

About this course

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