Sell your own planner or journal

Curious about designing your own stationery? See inside the step-by-step process to creating and selling a paperback planner or journal through Amazon KDP.

It was really informative and easy to understand. I think I will watch again whilst creating my financial planner, Melanie

Brilliant idea to give to clients as a yearly gift. The training makes this possible to achieve after just an hour of easy to follow video training, Hannah

Course curriculum

    1. Course terms

    2. How to create a planner or journal (replay)

    1. The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme

    2. Please share your feedback

    3. And finally...

About this course

  • £59.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

A new passive income stream for your business

Ever wondered how you can create your own print-on-demand journal or planner for your clients?

In this in-depth training, you will learn the step-by-step process for designing and creating your own journals and planners and selling them through Amazon KDP.

The end-to-end process

During this in-depth training you'll see the full process of designing a planner or journal so you can create your own.

  • Getting started

    Everything you need to know about page numbers, sizing, where to source images for your journals and planners and how to design a front cover which won't be rejected

  • Book design

    Where to buy pre-designed inside pages and what you need to know to design your own bespoke pages which will help your clients, and will be accepted by Amazon

  • Selling

    How to upload your journal or planner to KDP and how to sell to your clients as an additional passive income stream