A clear roadmap


I finally have a clear roadmap for identifying and attracting my ideal clients. I loved The Bookkeeper Rises and this session brought it to life!

Helped me to think clearly


If you are thinking of starting up for yourself do this during your research or early idea stage as it makes you think about things in a clear logical way. This webinar helped me to think clearly and put things into perspective for me.

Clear, relaxed and informative

Got me thinking about my ideal client.

It is worth attending


I enjoyed that there was time included to write down my thoughts. I'll be able to plan better now.

Course curriculum

    1. Course terms

    2. How the RISE Framework will help you find clients

    1. The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme

    2. Please share your feedback

    3. And finally...

About this course

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  • 1 hour of video content