A great masterclass


It’s eye-opening how you can reuse content from 1 blog post, a great masterclass and I would definitely recommend taking it to learn more about content creation. Thank you Zoe

You made it look so easy!


I've just watched the training and it was excellent! Full of helpful information and Zoe you made using Canva look so easy! Can't wait to give it a go myself.


I enjoyed the tips and tricks for Canva. Very good masterclass for anyone who needs to run social media by themself.

5 our of 5


Now I will be able to put together regular social media posts without worrying about what to write. This is definitely worthwhile if you need to kickstart your social media.

Course curriculum

    1. Course terms

    1. How to use social media for business

    2. Creating social media content and repurposing like a pro (with Canva demo)

    1. The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme

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    3. And finally...

About this course

  • £59.00
  • 2 hours of video content