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About this course

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Don't just take it from us

Learn how Sarah started her bookkeeping practice from scratch and had 40 leads and 5 ideal clients within six weeks of starting her business.

What our students say

I would definitely recommend

Patrick Scotchmer

I wanted to say thanks to the 6 Figure Bookkeeper community and of course Zoe Whitman and Jo Wood for the start up course - brilliant practical advice and tips, clearly setting out what you need to do to get practice ready - I would definitely recommend to those setting up or aspiring to set up. ​ It also helped me to navigate the huge accounting tech landscape, which is great but can be a distraction and time drainer. ​ But the biggest bonus (I didn't really think I was getting or openly admitted I needed) was the guidance and teachings around mindset and confidence. Setting up and going alone is scary, even when you know you can do it, but actually doing it is a leap! So thanks for the much-needed confidence booster and push to get going. I am now up and running!