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Live sessions and support every week with Jo, Zoe and likeminded bookkeepers.

Join The Bookkeepers' Success Lounge to access all of our live events and the support of our community.

6 Months' of Success Lounge Membership is included when you join The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme.

The Success Lounge is open without the programme for members who meet specific criteria, please see our FAQs before purchasing.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Here's what you get in The Success Lounge

Weekly training, accountability and the support of a likeminded community, so you can build a business which works for you.

    1. Success Lounge (Members only community)

    2. Office Hour

    3. Q&A Calls

    4. Accountability Calls

    5. Finances Call

    6. Sales and Mindset Call

About this course

  • £119.00 / month
  • Weekly calls
  • Exclusive Community

Monthly calls for support, accountability and community

  • Q&A Calls

    Monthly Q&A calls with Jo, Zoe and the community covering Practice Management, Technical Issues and Marketing.

  • Office Hours

    Sessions to focus on your interests, with regular training and guest experts. Get to know your community, share and learn.

  • Sales and Mindset Training

    Monthly call to build your confidence and belief in sales calls and business supported by sales and mindset experts.

  • Finances Call

    Monthly finances session to keep you focused and accountable to your financial goals. Make a financial plan for your business, monitor and make progress.

  • Accountability Calls

    Weekly accountability calls to give you time to work on your business. Join these co-working sessions, get to know the community and get what matters done.

  • Exclusive Community

    Join a supportive community of like-minded bookkeepers who are on your side. Benefit from the hive mind in our calls and members only Facebook community.

Join us

Join The Bookkeepers' Success Lounge for one low monthly fee. Benefit from live training and the support of a likeminded community. Join any time, no contract. Prices are inclusive of VAT.


  • I'm not on one of your programmes, does that matter?

    The Success Lounge Membership is exclusively for bookkeepers and accountants who either are members of The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme, or who can demonstrate that they have achieved a level of success in business in line with what we teach in the programme.

    We know that bookkeepers and accountants who work with us are at different stages in business. Some people need a course, others don't.
    We also know there's a huge amount of value in the calls we run each month. We'd love to welcome you whether you're a member of our programme or not.

    Our criteria for joining The Success Lounge are that either:

    - You are a member of The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme
    - You have been in business for over a year, and
    - You are turning over £50K or more, and
    - You are not charging an hourly rate

  • How much time do I get with Jo and Zoe

    You get around 14 hours of live training and support each month. Jo and Zoe run two of the monthly Q&A calls, and the accountability calls giving you around ten hours per month with Jo and Zoe. Other sessions are run by our ambassadors and other members our team.

  • When are the sessions?

    Office hours, Mindset sessions and Q&As typically take place at 10am on Mondays and Thursdays. All sessions are published monthly in a calendar in The Success Lounge and are subject to change. The weekly Accountability sessions take place on Friday mornings at 9am.

  • What if I can't join live?

    We encourage you to immerse yourself in the community and join as many sessions as you can live but we know that life sometimes gets in the way. Office hours, Q&A calls and Mindset trainings are recorded. The accountability calls are not due to the nature of the sessions.

  • What training do I get?

    Our live calls are driven by the needs of our members and the schedule for Office Hour is driven by popular questions and needs. We also offer a full training programme, The Bookkeepers' 6 Month Success Programme which can be purchased separately from The Success Lounge Membership.


What people say about the sessions

Accountability Call

Anne Marshall

This session is one of the best held by the group, Zoe is welcoming, helpful , holds you accountable and genuinely wants you to succeed. She helps everyone on the call and can help to reframe or add value to what you are trying to achieve. I left my camera on today so I couldn't wander off or procrastinate much. I made a list of what I wanted to do and ticked it off so this motivated me too.

Accountability Call

Steph Merrill

I always love these sessions as they give me the focus to get things done on my own business or schedule calls with software providers I use to help improve my use of them. One of the main sessions I try not to miss. With others that are recorded I know I can go back on them but this one is about making time for me and once that time's gone I can't get it back!

Practice Management Call

Helen Jones

I came along with a question about how to price stock, and fixed asset management. On the call we came up with a solution and I got the confidence to get on and do it!

Being part of the Success Lounge and attending all the sessions has massively helped me take action -, particularly the accountability sessions that make me set aside time for my own business.

The best part

The best part about buying the course is getting access to the Success Lounge. It's the best group of people in the industry. everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Life saver

The Success Lounge has been an absolute life saver at times! I don't know where I'd be without the girls (and boys!) in that group, and they know it!